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Online skill based competitions have become increasingly popular over the past 12 months, start your online business journey with us today and start generating revenue.


As the leading platform for online Skill based competition websites, we can offer a full design and build service to get you up and running with your own business online.

Our packages are tailored to your requirements and start with an initial chat to hear about your idea.  Following  our business mission, we have to believe in your idea, see you are serious and have a realistic plan in place.

We have experience in developing exceptional competition websites using renowned competition and raffle plugins with superb features to get you online fast. As well as guiding you through compliance and marketing.



We arrange the hosting, security and infrastructure to ensure your site is fast and secure giving you and your customers the peace of mind they need when entering your competitions.

Our fast and secure hosting partners provide cloud based servers with the ability to scale up fast as your business grows without any downtime.


Wordpress is a platform that requires maintenance to ensure you stay secure at all times. Regular updates and maintenance is required on this particular platform.

We offer ongoing support and maintenance packages to give you the peace of mind that your website is always upto date and running the latest versions.

Regular health checks and performance monitoring by our system engineers ensures you are looked after.

Competition Plugin Features

  • Winners / users can win single prize or multiple prizes

  • Option for refunding tickets with single click if competition has failed

  • Option to instantly finish competition if max number of tickets was sold

  • Option for extending competitions end date with all previously sold tickets  rolled over

  • Manually relist competitions

  • Manually extend competitions

  • Define minimum and maximum number of tickets available

  • Define max tickets per user, number of winners and multiple wins per user

  • Set start and end time for competitions

  • Easily control how you want to display your competitions

  • Email notifications

  • User has “My lotteries” page where one can see active lotteries and won lotteries – page with shortcode [my_lotteries]

  • Make a competition from any type of WooCommerce product – simple, virtual or downloadable products

  • Export your entrants to a CSV

  • Ability to add a skill based question

  • Option to allow entrants to choose a number or auto selected

  • Offer Instant Wins that send immediate emails to winners and auto updating table

Plus many many more great features!

Modern Laptop


If you have not yet looked into payment gateways and banks, then this is often an area where people get stuck.

We can offer advice on the best solutions and their pricing and the fastest way to get your business bank setup as well as advice on what the payment gateways will want to see including your business plan.


Need a business plan to submit your application to a payment Gateway?

We offer business plan writing services to help you get on your way and plan your online competition business.

This is often over looked, but having a firm business plan in place shows you are serious and have thought the business through, which will help you get accepted by a trusted payment gateway.

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